How to sell?

  • How do I setup my store?
  • How do I list products/services?
  • How I manage my orders?
  • How do I manage customer support?
  • What payment methods are supported?
  • How do I create discount promo code?
  • Can I turn my store in vacation mode?

Welcome to e-commerce platform! It's great to have you on board as a seller! First of all, do ensure you have completed our account registration and activated your account.

Done? Let's move with how to set up your store! We have got you covered with all the basic  store features for free!

Set up your store information

1) Setup your basic store information.

2) You may go to "Settings" tab, to set up more information about your store.

Store verification

1) Click on the verification tab


2) Upload one of your ID to be our verified seller.

Set up your store default shipping fee

1) You may set your store default shipping fee where it will applicable to all your products.

2) You may limit your shipping zone to only a few specific postcodes. (Please separate your postcodes with comma)

3) Click add shipping method, you may select your preferred shipping method.

4) If you opt for free shipping, click edit, you may set the minimum amount to entitle for free shipping.

5) If you opt for flat rate, key in your flat shipping amount or you may set your shipping fee conditions according to the formula given. 

How to go to dashboard after logged in?

1) When you logged in second time, go to "Store manager" tab and you will be able to go back to your store dashboard.

You basic store information set up has done! Happy selling!

Below are the steps to list a product or service, you can do it either in laptop or mobile:

List a product

1) Go to "Products" tab, click add new.

2) Choose your product type: simple product is products without variable; variable product is products with variation, such as colour, size, weight and etc. Next, key in your product title, upload images and select the category.

*It's advisable to put sale price to attract user attention.

3) Next, leave the short description empty and write your product description in "Description" column. You upload images by clicking the "Add media" button.

4) Next, set your product inventory.

i) Create SKU for your product
ii) Key in the your stock quantity 
iii) If your product is out of stock, does it allow backorder
iv) Does the product can only sold as 1?

5) Set your shipping fee if you have different product with different shipping fee. 

*You may choose to override your store default shipping fee

6) Set your product variation, choose your product colours.

7) Select "Create all variation from all attributes" 

8) The colours selected will be added as variation

9) You may key in product details and upload a different image for different variations. is a platform to provide fair and free e-commerce store for sellers, therefore, sellers would need to fulfil your orders either by local pick-up or shipping.

Retrieve and ship your orders

1) Go to "Orders" tab, after you have shipped the item, click the icon to update the tracking no.

2) Click the "lorry" icon

3) Key in your tracking number and courier url. Next, your buyer will receive an email notification.

4) A note will be added to the system.

i) Please urge your buyer to update the order status after they received the product.

ii) If they do not update the status after product received, the order status will remain incomplete.

There are a few ways you may provide support to your buyers:

Contact Information

You are advisable to provide your contact information to ease your buyer contact you.

Social Profiles

Your buyer can also reach with the social profiles that you provided. 

Let us bear the payment gateway maintenance fee for you to have multiple payment methods for your customers. We support various payment methods as below:

1) FPX, also known as bank transfer

2) Credit card

3) E-wallet, support for Touch N' Go e-wallet, Boost, WechatPay, Alipay and kipple pay.

You may create promo codes for your buyer to stimulate your store purchase.

1) Go to "Coupon" tab, click add new.

2) Key in your preferred promocode. You may set it as percentage discount or fixed price discount. 

3) Set the Terms & Condition for your promo code. 

4) Set the limitation of your promo code (eg. 1 user limit to use once)


If you are on vacation, you may turn on vacation mode in your store.

1) Go to "Settings" tab, click vacation mode. You may enable vacation and disable purchase during vacation.

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